International Agent Orange Day 2014

AO 2014

August 10 2014

53 seconds of silence / 53 seconds of action


August 10th 2014 is the 53th anniversary of the first time the U.S. government used Agent Orange in Vietnam. Millions of Vietnamese people have died. Millions continue to suffer from cancers and birth defects which affect three generations, including babies born every day. Around the world, veterans of the U.S. war in Vietnam also suffer from illnesses and their children, from birth defects.

Those responsible – the United States government and the chemical companies which made this deadly chemical weapon including Dow Chemical and Monsanto – have yet to compensate their victims or clean up the land they poisoned.

In the 8th month, on the 10th day at 12 noon join people across the globe in: 53 seconds of silence to reflect upon 53 years of spraying Agent Orange and 53 years of suffering of the victims in Vietnam and around the world from Agent Orange, as well as all victims of war 53 seconds of action to let your congressional representative know you want them to take action to help the victims: