Millions of Agent Orange victims in Vietnam are living with and dying from diseases and birth defects left behind from the U.S.’ spraying of Agent Orange and other chemicals during the Vietnam War. This legacy of the war, more than 35 years ago, also sickens and kills U.S. veterans and their children and grandchildren.

The culprit is the dioxin in Agent Orange. Dioxin is the most toxic chemical known to science. Those directly exposed due to the spraying of this chemical during the war or to dioxin that remains in dozens of “hot spots” in southern Vietnam, suffer from cancers, heart conditions and other illnesses. Their children and grandchildren are born (or die in the womb) from a tragic range of birth defects – both developmental and physical.

Dow Chemical, Monsanto and 35 other corporations knowingly made Agent Orange with unnecessarily elevated levels of dioxin in their greed for greater profits. The U.S. government ordered its soldiers to spray Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people and land while ignoring the threat to the health of the Vietnamese and of the U.S. servicemen and women.

But the tide is turning for those responsible for the immense pain and suffering caused by Agent Orange. U.S. and international public opinion is demanding justice and compensation for the victims of Agent Orange!