Educational materials we find critical to learning about and understanding the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam and among US veterans.

VFP Workshop on Agent Orange: Lasting Legacy of The American War In Vietnam

Video workshop presented by VAORRC as part of the Veterans For Peace 2021 Online Convention, August 2021.

VAORRC Agent Orange Webinar hosted by World Beyond War

Agent Orange: Lasting Legacy of the Vietnam War, informs us about ongoing effects of herbicide used in Vietnam. The damage to to the environment in Vietnam is still widespread.

VAORRC Fact Sheet (2015): What is Agent Orange, how was it used, and what does it do?

Agent Orange is a chemical herbicidal weapon used by the U.S. government during the war in Vietnam.

Vietnam Annotated Bibliography

Vietnam Annotated Bibliography

Prepared and annotated by Prof. Ngo Vinh Long, University of Maine, Maine. April 2000. Reprinted from the Vietnam Peace 25th Anniversary Committee, New York.