On the occasion of Memorial Day for Agent Orange victims, the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign extends its solidarity to victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, the United States, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and anywhere else they may live.

On this day, 47 years ago, the U.S. government began spraying the toxic chemical Agent Orange over the people and land of Vietnam. This use of chemical warfare, prohibited by international law and morality, constitutes a violation of the human rights of those exposed to Agent Orange.

The intended victims – the Vietnamese people – continue to suffer horrendous illnesses and disabilities now extending to second and third generations of their children and grandchildren. The land of Vietnam still contains “hot spots” where the dioxin contained in Agent Orange continues to poison the soil and the crops and sicken the residents….

The Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign renews our commitment to expand our activities in support of justice for Agent Orange victims in Vietnam and around the world! Working together and strengthening each others’ work, we will surely succeed!

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