VAORRC National Board Member

Ensign co-founded Citizen Soldier in 1969 to advocate on behalf of GIs and veterans who work to oppose command-tolerated racism, sexism, homophobia and militarism. As an attorney, Ensign has participated in a broad range of legal cases involving GIs and veterans over the past 35 years. Two notable cases are the Agent Orange class action, which attempted to hold chemical manufacturers liable for the injuries their herbicide caused Vietnam veterans and their offspring and the Vietnam-Era Winter Soldier Investigation and National Veterans Inquiry. [Wikipedia]

Director of Citizen Soldier, writer, activist, lawyer, lover of all things beautiful. Mourning profoundly are Francine Smilen, their daughter Rachel, sisters Natalie Cunningham and Deborah, nephews Dr. Kenneth and Scott Cunningham, and many devoted friends and comrades. We will continue the fight. [Family and friends death notice, NY Times]