Artist & Teacher from Hoà Bình Province, Vietnam, Y Vân donated these paintings to raise funds for the Agent Orange Campaign. Working primarily in oil, she painted the daily lives of Vietnamese ethnic people in Hoà Bình — the Mường, Thái, Zao, and Tày, Mong and Hoa.

These beautiful paintings are for sale. You will receive a tax deduction for your gift less the fair market value of each painting or notecard. All proceeds will be donated to Agent Orange victims. Contact us for more information.

Vignettes, colors on dó mulberry paper, 9½”x12″ (inside 6×8″)

Cards, colors on dó mulberry paper, 5½”x10½” (painting inside 4×8¼”)

Paintings, colors on dó mulberry paper, 16″x23″