For 30 days in November 2005 Agent Orange victims from Vietnam visited the U.S. at the invitation of veterans, Vietnamese American and peace activists.

While U.S. veterans have received some measure of compensation, after years of struggle, Vietnamese victims have not received a single cent of compensation or humanitarian aid from the U.S. government or the chemical manufacturers. Vietnamese citizens have filed a lawsuit to hold the chemical companies responsible for the manufacture of Agent Orange and to achieve justice.

This delegation events and information:


DC Campaign Reports – November 25-28, 2005

Brunch with Peace Activists in Virginia: A great turnout, Vietnamese and American food and offers of assistance made this an excellent start for the DC area portion of the tour. 11/26/05

Dinner with Peace Activists and friends in D.C.: Long time friends and activists provided camaraderie and even provided a wonderful opportunity for Madam Nhut to meet once again with Don Luce who had help find and liberate her from the infamous Tiger Cages on Con Son Island. 11/26/05

Attended services and were introduced by Reverend Hagler at the Plymouth Congregational Church in DC. The congregation was most welcoming and literally embraced the Vietnamese visitors. 11/27/05

Dinner with local veterans and supporters in Maryland and again at The Wall and other functions on Monday. 11/27/05

Vietnam Wall Visit with US Veterans & others. A most moving experience for all. The rain left and the press were waiting. The Vietnamese joined with veterans from various groups and gave interviews after visiting The Wall. The US veterans and even Madam Nhut found names of those they had known and who had died in this tragic war. 11/28/05

Luncheon with Policy Groups A well attended meeting with serious questions and responses at Georgetown Univ., Multicultural Center was hosted by The Asian Studies Program and The Fund for Reconciliation and Development. Titled “THE LEGACY OF AGENT ORANGE: CAN THE UNITED STATES AND VIETNAM FIND A SOLUTION?” 11/28/05

Washington Peace Center The final event of the DC tour was a gathering of organizers and activists from a spectrum of groups in DC, at the Washington Peace Center. Dave Kline of Veterans For Peace gave a detailed and eloquent overview of Agent Orange, its impact and the battles for justice by both the veterans and the Vietnamese. 11/28/05

The sponsor, Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, is supporting the lawsuit of Agent Orange victims against U.S. chemical manufacturers and will lobby the U.S. government to provide compensation for Vietnamese Agent Orange survivors.

Tour is endorsed by Black Radical Congress, Veterans for Peace, United for Peace and Justice and local groups.


The Vietnamese Agent Orange delegation joined with Plymouth Congressional Church, DC with Reverend Graylan S. Hagler and 160 congregation members.
Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005 ~ Pictures by Hung Nguyen